happy halloween


very cool blue retro beehive wig spotted in a window in a downtown storefront where a friend and i traveled the other night to take a hula hoop class.  these are times i wish i got excited over halloween again.  cuz i’d love to don a wig like this.  but halloween just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  so now i just take pictures of wigs.  good enough.


vintage cross stitch

i couldn’t NOT buy this either:


now this thing is OLD.  and it looks like a LOT of time and effort went into making it.  i couldn’t very well leave it behind in the thrift store. 


“the fire burns bright.

the coffee is brewed.

the toast is all brown.

the chicken is stewed.”



i wonder what pissed off the chicken. 





DSCF3159yah sure, the vintage paint-by-numbers were fun to collect a couple years ago.  and what works well for me is i’ve got a lot of them without frames, making them very lightweight and therefore easy to hang in my apartment.  (to review, i’m not allowed to poke holes in my walls with nails to hang art, and in turn my decor suffers greatly.  the 3M™ sticky hooks and velcro fasteners hang lightweight art items and so this is what i’m forced to use.)


and so my paint-by-number collection amassed. 


nudie paint-by-number in my bedroom

and it got to the point where i just wouldn’t buy them anymore when i’d spot them in a thrift store.  buh-lieve you me, i’ve got gobs more of these in my storage unit.   

but i almost couldn’t NOT buy a vintage paint-by-number WITH BLACK VELVET i spotted the other day.  it’s the cutest little cottage in the woods on a snowy day and all the trees are black velvet.  i would take a version of this in real life, complete with black velvet trees.  and i would serve black velvet whiskey to all my guests who visited me in my black velvet forest. 

or not.


in action:


yah, i know.  a few too many paint-by-numbers.  overdone.  and i actually own REAL art to hang.  and don’t think i haven’t tried hanging real art with those 3M sticky hooks.  and don’t think i haven’t jumped outta my skin when one crashed and burned and knocked over a tall plant stand at 3:00 in the morning.  and don’t think i didn’t shed a tear when an oversized cool clock i’d owned for years was sprawled across the kitchen floor in pieces upon coming home from work.  the humidity can wreak havoc with a 3M sticky hook. 

such is my life in a non-holed plaster walled apartment.


these legs:

danish dining table legs

go with this table top:


…that i spied in goodwill for $30.  i actually walked away from it last night because i didn’t have a way to transport it, and quite frankly, i don’t really need a kitchen/dining room table.  but it called out to me.  “kim, are you crazy?!?!?  get back here.  get back here and buy me and danish oil me up.  cuz i’m worth soooooooooo much more than 30 bucks,  you FOOL.”  so i went back last night and paid for it. 

and today i drove my old illegal, unregistered jeep whose battery won’t hold a charge so i can’t turn the engine off once it’s jumpstarted and who didn’t have a speck of gas in the gas tank so in the rain last night i bought a gas can at the hardware store and brought 2 gallons of gas home with me and then jumpstarted the jeep in the rain and illegally drove to a gas station where i could put a little more gas in her so she’d be all ready to go illegally this morning.  in the rain.  all for the sake of a smokin’ great deal on what i believe but can’t be sure is a wegner danish teak dining room table produced by andreas tuck

any gal would do this, right?

off the floor


it’s a miracle of sorts.  pathetic girl that i am have never slept with my mattress off the floor.  over the summer i bought a mid-century modern headboard and footboard (for just over $20,) but needed the rails to put the thing together.  and of course that didn’t happen right away.  i put the headboard against the wall behind my mattress and boxspring as a start, but let’s face it, that’s still cheating.  the mattress is still on the floor.

so i went to some discount furniture store and for 26 bucks i was able to get a set of bed rails and get myself up off the floor.  it’s really quite something.  it looks and feels strange to me now, but i gotta tell ya, i’m sleeping really well.


unfortunately, i can’t actually SEE the headboard anymore now that it’s off the floor.  i think i have to fashion some sort of slat system, remove the boxspring altogether and make it more of a platform style look. 


and c’mon now.  if it took me THIS long to get a bed off the floor, it’ll take me another 20 years or so to figure out a slat system.


i’ve been under all kinds of dumb stress lately and i’ve found the way to relieve that stress is by hand stitching little embroidery stitches onto little pieces of felt.  appliqué, if you will.  there’s a meditative quality to it.  DSCF3120



that is a LOT of stitching.


that is a LOT of stress.

small teak frame

i pick up cheap teak frames any time i can when i’m in goodwill.  you never can be quite sure when a teak frame will come in handy.  and since i’ve been crafting of late, i figured i would make an itty bitty mini wall hanging to go in a small teak frame i had hanging around. 


but ya know – when it comes right down to it, when you make an itty bitty mini quilt, it turns out you’re really just making a coaster.




and when you start framing coasters, all of a sudden that just seems sort of dumb.