some days a theme happens when i’m out and about thrifting.  usually the theme is “what a bunch of junk,” but occasionally surprises happen.  i have a soft spot in my heart (yes i have a heart) for the state of maine and therefore am drawn to anything vintage maine.  take for instance this glassware:



will ya look at that?  a special shout-out to old orchard beach.  i just love vintage frosted souvenir glasses.

state of maine metal serving tray:


and then a mini maine wall plate:


to go with yet another plate found in an entirely different store:


what i liked in particular was the inclusion of “the old salt” in the miniature souvenir plate.  perhaps some day i can be a model for “the old maid” on a state’s souvenir plate.  i will add this to my life’s goals list. 



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