see this thing right here.



yah, that’s right.  it’s a hula hoop.

and it’s kicking my BUTT.  i think the craze has finally made its way to the east coast.  i’ve been trying to teach myself cool moves by watching videos on my computer and so far i’ve managed to smack myself in the nose and ears and shins and forearms more times than i’d like to admit.  not to mention i’ve accidentally flung this thing against the wall a time or two.   haven’t broken anything yet but am pretty sure i need to take this thing outdoors into wide open spaces. 


how cute is that retro poncho?


3 Comments on “hoop”

  1. jonnygetsfit says:

    Cool – I love it when people look at alternative ways to exercise, rather than jumping on a treadmill.

    Keep on hooping 😉

  2. erika says:

    Hey, did you get that hoop from Canyon Hoops, by chance? Either way hooping, is totally awesome and I’m glad you got yourself a hoop and the two of you started smashing it up together back in October. I’d love to hear the story of how you started hooping.

    • fries in a cone says:

      erika – it is indeed a canyon hoop. i was a hula hoop maniac when i was 6. fast fwd 43 years when a good friend who owns a pilates studio purchased a bunch of them (canyon hoops) and said, “hey, try this” and gave me one of her hoops. so i did. and then i wanted to do all the tricks everyone was doing on the internet and i just started teaching myself. i wish it was a more interesting story.

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