fall is here indeed.  and with the fall temperatures comes a need for a warmer cocktail.  hot apple cider bought fresh from a local orchard with tuaca and a cinnamon stick in a wicked fancy glass that i immediately busted after washing.  i tell ya, it’s a good thing i buy these things at thrift stores cuz i’d be devastated if i paid full price for them and only used ’em once.  i have spares, thank goodness.  but this is also the downside of thrift store shopping.  sometimes you get these one-of-a-kind beauties and they can’t be easily replaced.  but at least i’m using them.  i’ve been known to buy something and save it, never use it.  at least i’ve got this pretty glass documented as used before its quick demise.



One Comment on “fall”

  1. Yo mamma says:

    not sure what tuacca is but hot apple cider with captain morgan and a cin stick is divine

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