off the floor


it’s a miracle of sorts.  pathetic girl that i am have never slept with my mattress off the floor.  over the summer i bought a mid-century modern headboard and footboard (for just over $20,) but needed the rails to put the thing together.  and of course that didn’t happen right away.  i put the headboard against the wall behind my mattress and boxspring as a start, but let’s face it, that’s still cheating.  the mattress is still on the floor.

so i went to some discount furniture store and for 26 bucks i was able to get a set of bed rails and get myself up off the floor.  it’s really quite something.  it looks and feels strange to me now, but i gotta tell ya, i’m sleeping really well.


unfortunately, i can’t actually SEE the headboard anymore now that it’s off the floor.  i think i have to fashion some sort of slat system, remove the boxspring altogether and make it more of a platform style look. 


and c’mon now.  if it took me THIS long to get a bed off the floor, it’ll take me another 20 years or so to figure out a slat system.


One Comment on “off the floor”

  1. Yo mamma says:

    we had to smash our box spring to smithereines then rebuild it when it got into our room (and by we i mean justin I actually had nothing to do with it)

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