these legs:

danish dining table legs

go with this table top:


…that i spied in goodwill for $30.  i actually walked away from it last night because i didn’t have a way to transport it, and quite frankly, i don’t really need a kitchen/dining room table.  but it called out to me.  “kim, are you crazy?!?!?  get back here.  get back here and buy me and danish oil me up.  cuz i’m worth soooooooooo much more than 30 bucks,  you FOOL.”  so i went back last night and paid for it. 

and today i drove my old illegal, unregistered jeep whose battery won’t hold a charge so i can’t turn the engine off once it’s jumpstarted and who didn’t have a speck of gas in the gas tank so in the rain last night i bought a gas can at the hardware store and brought 2 gallons of gas home with me and then jumpstarted the jeep in the rain and illegally drove to a gas station where i could put a little more gas in her so she’d be all ready to go illegally this morning.  in the rain.  all for the sake of a smokin’ great deal on what i believe but can’t be sure is a wegner danish teak dining room table produced by andreas tuck

any gal would do this, right?


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