absolutely terrible photo of a cupboard i bought for 35 bucks to store all the useless stuff i buy at thrift stores.  turns out it isn’t close to being big enough to store all my useless stuff.  oh well.  i need to stop buying stuff.  but it IS a good quality piece of furniture.  and fits PERFECTLY in the back of my pantry.  it came with glass doors (not pictured here) and is “distinctive furniture by stanley.”  i am so very distinguished with my distinctive furniture. 

oh, it’s so christmasy outdoors now.


went to the movies and saw “an education” and was thoroughly entertained (despite the slightest, the very slightest “ick” factor storyline.)  had NO idea prior to going what the movie was about and this is the way i like to see a movie.  never saw a preview.  didn’t read any reviews (other than to check the score on rotten tomatoes.)  the story is good, the dialogue is great, the actors are great, the wardrobes are fun and the set decor is wonderful (especially the apartment of miss briggs.  well, all of it, really.)  a great way to spend my rainy afternoon.  and *bonus* – the theater was NOT crowded and there was NO-ONE sitting anywhere near me.  this always makes for a more pleasant movie-going experience. 

did i say i was going to stop buying useless stuff from thrift stores?  stopped into goodwill after the movies and using restraint, i only bought a couple items.  one of them being this:

a little reminder to myself to keep looking for a house to buy.  and keep looking for an additional job to earn money in order to afford a house to buy.  oh hard work.  it just gets in the way of having fun.


on a recent visit to a chinese restaurant my fortune cookie fortune had this little feature on the backside of learning a new word in chinese.  a new word-of-the-day.  my friend’s word-of-the-day was “strawberry.” 

my word was this:


another hot sake, please.

teak table

it takes me forEVER to get anything done.  seriously.  but i finally set up my teak table in my kitchen and removed the tall bar-height table and stools, and brought back my danish dining chairs from storage and i LIKE IT SO MUCH BETTER.  yes, it’s probably too big for my kitchen right now, but it feels cozier and more comfortable and takes up less visual space.  the bar height table just cut the kitchen in half.  i feel like i have more room to be more creative here at this table.

a couple recently thrifted 10¢ christmas decorations.

and whaddya make of this ninja frog mini planter guy?  it seems similar to other stoneware planters i own, but who did masked frogs back in the day?  and i’m just assuming it’s a frog.  is it a hippo?  zorro the hippo-frog?  i dunno.  has a mid-century feel so i’m going with it.

xmas thrifting

some of my local thrift haunts have christmas loot for sale year ’round which i generally ignore.  but then there’s this other tiny thrift store i visit on occasion run by very very very old women (who CRACK me up, btw)  and they go gangbusters with the special christmas display.  and the prices are dirt cheap.  how could i resist this handcrafted gem at 50¢?  i couldn’t. 

so bad it’s good.

more fruits and veggies

turns out those sidecars are delicious. 

made some simple simple artichoke dip last night (nothing fancy since i’m allergic to almost everything food-related – wheat, dairy, corn, avocados.)  ok, not everything, but it seems like that sometimes.  i can eat stuff other people seem to be allergic to, like eggs and seafood and soy.  so life ain’t all that bad. 

anyway, the simple artichoke dip recipe is just a can of artichokes, 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon, and a couple tablespoons of olive oil whipped up in a blender and baked at 350° for a half hour.  nothing fancy.  no cheese, no mayo, no guilt.  good pure artichoke flavor. 


since i had a lonely half lemon left over from the dip, made another sidecar.   the official recipe is:

3/4 oz lemon juice

3/4 oz triple sec

1 1/2 oz cognac

(me, i just “glug glug” out of the bottle, no measuring.  couple glugs of triple sec, few glugs of cognac.)  shake ingredients together and strain into a chilled cocktail glass with the rim lined in lemon and dipped in sugar.

that is your healthy serving of fruit for the day.


the healthy serving of vegetables come from the artichoke dip and the veggie chips with which to dip.


where i veer off the health chart is eating the entire thing by myself.

that there bowl of chips got filled up more than once.  and so did the little itty bitty teeny tiny vintage scottie glass.  oops.

abandoned warehouse

had to make a trip to my storage unit today and there’s an abandoned warehouse right next door to it.  looked like a good place to hoop. 

so i did.

can we talk about the weather for a moment?  mid-november in new england?  absolutely GORGEOUS.  for me to be in a t-shirt in november is a mini miracle.  i’ll take it.

just a spectacular day. 

finally finished this up this morning and framed it:

i like it.  looks good with the other one i finished awhile back.

happy cheery colors.

remind me to channel this happy cheery day come the middle of a snowstorm.

fries in a bowl


who drinks sidecars anymore? 

apparently i do.  when it’s a sunday and the liquor stores are closed and you’re outta all the staple boozes in your liquor cabinet, well then, you get creative.  1/2 fresh squeezed lemon, triple sec and brandy, served up w/a sugar rim. with a side order of sweet potato fries (and a regular potato thrown in the mix for good measure.)


 really.  i should have my own cooking show.  and drinking show.

fruits and vegetables, people.  a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables.


fries in a cone. √

hula hoop. √

vintage ski sweater. √


i’m pretty sure the neighbors think i’ve lost my marbles.



last year i set my christmas potholder on fire by mistake.  well, i just found a replacement.  a 1986 taylor & ng reindeer potholder.  and not one replacement, but two.  so i’m all set should there be another christmas potholder fire snafu.  i love being prepared.  always the girl scout.  except when i’m setting the place on fire.


real art


boy.  i love finding “real art” in the thrift store.  mostly i find the kitsch stuff like the paint-by-numbers and the needlepoint.  tuesday i got very lucky and found an original painting from 1976 and i truly LOVE it.  like, i would buy it today from an etsy artist.  and for whatever reason, i’m always drawn to a “house” theme.  probably because it’s the one thing i want want want most in the world.  my own house.  (i’m still on the hunt, by the way, now that they’ve extended the $8000 tax rebate.)

a year or so ago i found this house-themey david klein ink and watercolor.  i didn’t do any research until this morning, and i’ll be darned, the guy was pretty amazing.  unreal amazing.  i found the name of my painting – it’s “beacon hill, boston.”  (pg. 62, #194 of his auction pamphlet.)  and apparently, one of david’s travel posters for TWA appears in “mad men” now. 



but back to tuesday’s find. 


i can’t figure out the signature.  j. zeal?  no matter.  i love the bright colors.  it will look great in my imaginary house.  i test-drove it on a 3M sticky hook i was using for another art piece to see if it was light enough to hang.  seemed to do OK.  maybe i can hang it with one of those hooks and actually enjoy it now.  $2.  unreal.  same for the david klein, by the way.  $2.  blows my mind.