more mod flowers

DSCF3185so, here i have an unfinished, way mod, way cool, vintage flower power embroidery thingamajiggy found yesterday while thrifting.  not sure exactly what to do with it.  is it a potential wall hanging?  or a potential pillow? 


saw a pic of some mod flower pillows in this vintage decor book and i suspect i’ll eventually make this thing into a pillow.



oh how i’d love to make this into something.  but i know me.  chances are it’ll be in the unfinished projects pile years down the road. 

this book is dated 1977.  i can’t get over how current this picture looks.  those pillows would totally fit right in on the jonathan adler site.  and go for a pretty penny.  i’m out 5 clams for my unfinished tapestry.  ok, that’s it, i’ve GOT to figure out how to finish this thing off into a pillow.


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