walked away…

…from yet another teak piece of furniture i don’t need.  a large teak entertainment center.  boy, it would look good in a big living room, but i just don’t have a big living room right now and don’t foresee having a big living room in the near future.  but walking away from good quality teak furniture pains me.  especially at a super cheap price.  oh, i’ll probably regret it.  ugh.  see how it has slots for record albums.  you KNOW this baby is old. 


didn’t walk away from these:


little cathrineholm canisters.  spice holders?  not sure.  all i know is when i see cathrineholm anything i get super excited.  especially at 59¢ each.




2 Comments on “walked away…”

  1. hot damn! what a score. I love the CH spice canisters, especially in the darker colors – my goal is an all black set.

  2. fries in a cone says:

    hi ya brick – i adore you and your blog. thx for popping in.
    i myself have never seen CH black (in person.) but do own a few CH mini brown bowls. again – i takes what i gets in a thrift store.

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