granny squares


hey – looked what i whipped up over the weekend.  a granny squares afghan blanket.


granny squares crocheted afghan

oh wait a minute.  i don’t know how to crochet.  i found this at goodwill.  and i love the colors. 


here’s the deal – i love simple design, solid colors, scandinavian decor.  and yet i keep buying this kind of stuff.  i can’t resist.  i’m totally sybil when it comes to decor.

maybe on the sofa?



maybe just stored back in the closet for right now.


4 Comments on “granny squares”

  1. Beth says:

    What a find! Great colours!


    • fries in a cone says:

      i know, right??? i’ve been pretty lucky to find some really nice afghans over the years…mind you, i’ve seen my fair share of unsightly blankets with questionable color combinations.

  2. Danyel says:

    You did all of this in a weekend?! It’s beautiful.

    • fries in a cone says:

      i bought all of this over a weekend. found it in a thrift store. don’t know the first thing about crocheting. it’s on the “to-do” list.

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