real art


boy.  i love finding “real art” in the thrift store.  mostly i find the kitsch stuff like the paint-by-numbers and the needlepoint.  tuesday i got very lucky and found an original painting from 1976 and i truly LOVE it.  like, i would buy it today from an etsy artist.  and for whatever reason, i’m always drawn to a “house” theme.  probably because it’s the one thing i want want want most in the world.  my own house.  (i’m still on the hunt, by the way, now that they’ve extended the $8000 tax rebate.)

a year or so ago i found this house-themey david klein ink and watercolor.  i didn’t do any research until this morning, and i’ll be darned, the guy was pretty amazing.  unreal amazing.  i found the name of my painting – it’s “beacon hill, boston.”  (pg. 62, #194 of his auction pamphlet.)  and apparently, one of david’s travel posters for TWA appears in “mad men” now. 



but back to tuesday’s find. 


i can’t figure out the signature.  j. zeal?  no matter.  i love the bright colors.  it will look great in my imaginary house.  i test-drove it on a 3M sticky hook i was using for another art piece to see if it was light enough to hang.  seemed to do OK.  maybe i can hang it with one of those hooks and actually enjoy it now.  $2.  unreal.  same for the david klein, by the way.  $2.  blows my mind.


One Comment on “real art”

  1. wolfshowl says:

    Thrift store shopping is so much fun! I must admit I’m not very good at finding the good finds though. One of my friends has pretty much decorated her entire apartment with thrift store fines, and it looks to kitschy and lovely.

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