absolutely terrible photo of a cupboard i bought for 35 bucks to store all the useless stuff i buy at thrift stores.  turns out it isn’t close to being big enough to store all my useless stuff.  oh well.  i need to stop buying stuff.  but it IS a good quality piece of furniture.  and fits PERFECTLY in the back of my pantry.  it came with glass doors (not pictured here) and is “distinctive furniture by stanley.”  i am so very distinguished with my distinctive furniture. 

oh, it’s so christmasy outdoors now.


went to the movies and saw “an education” and was thoroughly entertained (despite the slightest, the very slightest “ick” factor storyline.)  had NO idea prior to going what the movie was about and this is the way i like to see a movie.  never saw a preview.  didn’t read any reviews (other than to check the score on rotten tomatoes.)  the story is good, the dialogue is great, the actors are great, the wardrobes are fun and the set decor is wonderful (especially the apartment of miss briggs.  well, all of it, really.)  a great way to spend my rainy afternoon.  and *bonus* – the theater was NOT crowded and there was NO-ONE sitting anywhere near me.  this always makes for a more pleasant movie-going experience. 

did i say i was going to stop buying useless stuff from thrift stores?  stopped into goodwill after the movies and using restraint, i only bought a couple items.  one of them being this:

a little reminder to myself to keep looking for a house to buy.  and keep looking for an additional job to earn money in order to afford a house to buy.  oh hard work.  it just gets in the way of having fun.


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