happy new year!


oh, let’s make this year, this decade, a good one. 

(awesome swedish retro calendar from stephanie levy, hanging out in my kitchen.)

make it a tall one

all i know is i’m glad this work week is over.  i’ll be glad when this decade is over. 

apple mint punch (recipe from ideal home’s christmas magazine)

i threw the juice from 1/2 lime into a tall glass with a bunch of mint leaves and a couple slices of granny smith apple.  filled the glass with ice, added a couple glug glugs of rum, topped off with some sparkling apple cider and *presto change-o* – there’s your celebratory work-week-ending cocktail. 

merry christmas

hoopy new year.

xmas eve

i thought i would treat myself and bake some delicious allergy-free brownies this morning before heading into work.  a little something sweet to look forward to after my christmas eve shift was over. 

now i’ve made these things several times before.  and they’re always good.  but today when i licked the spoon after emptying the batter into the pan, i was all, “uh-oh, that don’t taste right.”  but i baked them anyway.  and i checked the package to make sure the expiration date hadn’t expired.  it hadn’t.  and i re-read the directions to make sure i hadn’t misread something.  i hadn’t.  i think i just got myself a faulty batch of mix. 

they’re the most inedible things i’ve ever made.  they’re just awful.  drat.  the christmas brownies are garbage.      

thank goodness i have a bottle of prosecco chilling in the fridge for me as we speak.  not exactly a tasty brownie, but it’ll do for this year. 

happy christmas eve!

xmas eve eve

ya ever have one of those days where you fully expect to work and then suddenly find yourself at a 1:15 matinee?  precisely what happened to me today.  i was ready to go see “up in the air” this evening after work as it opened today and i wanted to avoid the christmas day crowds, per usual.  work phoned and said i had nothing on my books, so i opted for the full day off.  and i was pleased as punch. 

the theater was practically empty and, for a change, actually warm and toasty.  perfect movie-going conditions.  and thoroughly enjoyable.  and while i thought the movie was heading toward predictable, it did not end the way i imagined.  and i was happy for that.  that’s it.  that’s my review.  a good solid movie and a good solid movie-going experience.  these are days i live for.  an unexpected day off from work and a good movie in a warm, empty theater.  merry christmas to me. 

red + green

found a green one. 



add it to a red one. 

instant christmas.

blizzard after effects

while today (a MUCH NEEDED day off) should be all about finishing up some crafty projects, instead it will be all about attempting to shovel out car #2. 

i am not amused.


all i know is i am amazing.  you don’t understand the workings of ‘hood parking unless you’ve lived a winter in the ‘hood with on-street parking.  it’s vicious.  you can shovel for hours and then leave your space only to have it scooped up by some jerk right after you leave.  i learned my lessons the hard way last year and you have to only shovel enough for your own car.  but now that i have the two working vehicles i have to shovel out the 2 spots and move one car to the middle of the 2 spaces when i take one of the cars to run errands.  it’s a bit of a pain, but it’s completely worth it.  this way a car cannot fit in front of you or behind you.  and you must also possess mad parallel parking skills, of which i’ve become a master.  snow parking in the ‘hood – it’ll toughen up the girliest of girls.

i may have gotten a little carried away with the shovel and shoveled too much space in front of the white car.  i might have to fill that in later. 

what will inevitably happen is the city plow will come on by while i’m out paying bills and completely ruin everything.  ruin my strategically planned mathematical parking space perfection.  just you watch.

blizzard ’09

the blizzard decided to be fashionably late. 

so, i’m at work, one of 4 who made it in.  after every massage, i’d come out of my room and say,

“is it snowing?!?!” 

nope.  it was supposed to start at 2:00 in the afternoon.  finally at 8:00 PM i could see flakes out the window.  my drive home was not treacherous at all, but i was thankful for the jeep.  did my grocery shopping later in the evening and avoided all crowds. 

a reminder, the jeep yesterday:

 and now, the jeep this morning:

i’ve got some serious shoveling to do today before work.  ugh. 

my other car:

my arms are doomed.

but it sho’ is purty out there.

the view from another window.  i’ll be darned:

bracing for a blizzard

we’re due for a storm.  apparently a big ‘un.  picked up my newly working, non-oil leaking jeep last night and i’m ready to go.  there were so many things busted on my jeep that i feared she was a goner.  luckily i work with a man who LOVES to tinker on jeeps and he offered to save her.  she’s got a horn now.  and an antenna (broken off by vandals) so i actually have tunes again.  starts right up without having to jumpstart it.  that in itself is a christmas miracle.  replaced the trunk latch thingies so i don’t have to hold the trunk door open with my head anymore.  and the headlights are pointed in the right direction.  and oh yah, she’s got brakes.  that’s an important one.  she might not be the prettiest car on the block, but according to my friend she’s got another 100K miles left in her.  and i’ll feel much safer driving this home from work tonight in our little blizzard. 


another thing i’m thankful for is heat.  the pilot light went out on my gas (fake)woodstove yesterday morning on, of course, the coldest day of the year.  it was a balmy 58° in my living room.  i had to work early in the morning and didn’t have time to mess with it before heading off.  when i got home in the evening i made several attempts at re-igniting it, but failed miserably.  the landlord eventually got the pilot light lit again later that evening.  wahoo.  heat and a 4-wheel drive jeep right before the onset of a blizzard.  what more could one ask for?  well, eggs, i suppose.  i gotta get a dozen eggs.  and coffee.  and cider.  then i’ll be all set.

here we go.  ’tis the season.   

handmade cross stitch ornament found for a quarter


running errands yesterday i managed to squeeze in a quick little jaunt through the local goodwill.  i can’t stress this enough – there is A LOT of christmas JUNK there.  tons and tons and shelves and shelves and aisles and aisles of awful christmas JUNK.  my skilled vintage radar kicked in though and i honed in on a piece of plastic turned on its side on the bottom shelf of the last christmas aisle.  victory.  a 1966 empire plastic lighted blow mold snowman.  $2.  SOLD. 

he stands just about a foot high and is perfect on the kitchen counter.

got a chance to drive through several neighborhoods last night and i have to tell you –  it just warms my belly to see all the lights on all the houses.  i’m not a fan of the inflatable lawn ornaments, but give me a house with lights and i light up.  especially if they’re mis-matched.  the more color the better.  and my fave among faves (those of you who know me already know this) – my absolute favoritest thing to see is a house of lights with one – just one – one bush with blinking lights.  it’s my goal every season to find that house.  i spotted the blinking rail banister yesterday, but no blinking bush.  the hunt goes on…