i made another afghan. 

no i didn’t.  i’m lying again.  i found another afghan.

yes, i picked up that granny squares afghan not too long ago, but this one was just sitting there hanging around in goodwill and because it was so different, something i’d never seen before, i felt i had to have it.  yup, the stars and planets are perfectly aligned for me to find $7 handmade afghans.  i’ll take ’em. 

now, i don’t know a thing about crocheting, but it looks like a LOT of work went into this.  sometimes i get sad(ish) thinking about someone’s hard work ending up in a goodwill, but at least now it belongs to someone who’ll appreciate all that hard work.  it really is quite nice indeed. 


sunday was another unexpected day off and i took advantage of it by going to a “sundays only” indoor flea market. since i normally work sundays i can only visit this flea market for a couple hours at a time and that isn’t nearly enough time to have a GOOD look.  i don’t think i’ve been there at all this year.  as it turned out, i  just bought a bunch of vintage fabrics. 

you’d think i was some sort of a seamstress or something.  i’d like to make some pillows out of some of these fabrics, but my bobbin winder doesn’t work on my sewing machine anymore – although i picked up another vintage sewing machine and even though that one doesn’t sew, it winds bobbins.  maybe i’ll have to invest in a real sewing machine someday. nah, that’d be too easy.  i like to do things the hard way.  the most complicated way.  if it takes me two vintage sewing machines to sew a doggone pillow, then i’m in.  who needs one brand-new sewing machine?  pffft.  that’s for babies.


One Comment on “afghan”

  1. kelly says:

    I LOVE that afghan! I’ve never seen one like that before…Very cool.

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