yesterday was yet another positively gorgeous december day so i took a country drive  to look at a foreclosure for sale.  and when i say “country drive…” – honestly, it was in the middle of nowhere.  i don’t know where these people work or buy groceries or gas up because there was NOTHING out there.  maybe that’s why they’re there.  the solitude.  the peace and QUIET. 

i especially love the oil tank landscaping element.

aside from the oil tank and the removed-from-civilization location, the house is just perfect.  a 1970s mod ranch style home.  love those windows!!   it’s not too big, not too small.  a fireplace (!), wood siding, 2 baths, open floor plan and wood floors.  and a huge back deck. 

now, if this house was situated in close proximity to a ski area, i’d be in heaven.  but it’s not.  and there’s an adorable A-frame house next door.   (how jealous am i of julia brabec’s A-frame featured in oct/nov ’09 readymade magazine?  i love everything about that house.)  sure – i could snowshoe my brains out, i suppose.  and hula hoop outdoors without fear of embarrassment.  what else would there be to do out there? 

i collected some pinecones while i was stalking the property.  i think the pinecones in a bowl might be the extent of my holiday decor this year.  they smell good and look good, but brother, the sap can wreak havoc with your hands and your steering wheel.


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