i never did get into that whole “mushroom” trend going on a couple years ago (still going on now?)  i didn’t care for them in the 70s and i just don’t like ’em now. you know the ones i’m talking about.  nor did i venture into that whole “owl” trend, but i must admit, i did pick up a few owl items in the past just because they were so darn cool looking.

here we have a couple vintage owl banks.  on the left, a peter pots stoneware bank and on the right, a bright green mod owl head bank. 

how could i not buy this matched double-deck of vintage owl playing cards?  you never know when a spontaneous game of solitaire  wild night of poker might suddenly erupt.

and then there’s this vintage owl dish towel.  it’s vintage, it’s linen.  it was cheap.  it went into my cart. 

again, this is me NOT collecting owl items.  oh yah, did get an awesome owl lino cut print several years ago and i do love that.  it’s that handmade thing i’m drawn to.  

i’ve been guilty of jumping on trend bandwagons.  while i was looking for that owl lino cut photo i came across the obsessive-compulsive “log cabin pillow trend” i fell victim to.  (although i still like this patchwork look with all the bright colors.) 


so i’m in a rinky-dink thrift store and there’s a ratty christmas ornament box on the shelf with “mushrooms” scrawled on the cover.  for 75¢.  

6 glass mushroom ornaments. 

well, i didn’t hate them.  so i bought them.  they’re now sitting amongst the bowl of pinecones acting all christmasy and non-trendy. 

nope.  no trends here.


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