more fancy cooking

today’s dip of the day:  white bean dip

another sunday off work (!) (yikes, i HAVE to find employment somewhere soon – i’ll put it on my to-do list for 2010 – who me?  procrastinate?) and i opted to stay home and craft, and then whip up a tasty party for – i followed this recipe from real simple.  but don’t REALLY follow it, because someone in their editing department didn’t catch the fact they’ve listed the first 3 ingredients twice (parsley, olive oil, lemon juice.)  i’m so slick though.   i managed to catch on.  (btw, i halved the recipe.)

also – i didn’t put the parsley in the blender.  the first time i made this i did blend everything together and the dip turns green (which makes it lovely for the christmas holiday, i suppose.  or st. patrick’s day.)  i opted to just fold the parsley in after everything was blended smoothly.

a nice little dip with some rice crackers and teeny tiny glasses of pinot noir.  it’s like you’re hardly drinking at all.

are you getting sick of my holiday pinecone decor?

i threw on a holiday tablecloth to shake things up a little bit.  you’re welcome.


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