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for the life of me, i do not understand how goodwill prices its items.  i’ve seen some really bad art priced over $10 lately.  some priced at over $20.  and this stuff is BAD.  junk.  i understand art itself is subjective.  everyone has different tastes.  but some of the stuff being overpriced at goodwill really makes me roll my eyes.  and then when i find something that i think is pretty darn nice (like, an original painting or a numbered lithograph for instance,) it doesn’t have the sky-high price.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining.  it certainly bodes well in my favor.  i just don’t understand it.  

so i popped into goodwill to pick up an item i knew would be half-price this week (and i knew no-one else would buy it) and did a quick walk-thru of the place. 

my 50 cent swedish trivet

there amongst all the overpriced bad art that’s been sitting there for weeks was a newer print.  a decent size – 31-1/2″ wide x 25-1/2″ tall.   it’s signed.  it’s numbered.  it’s titled.  it’s priced at $7.99.  a signed, numbered, titled print.  i don’t get it. 

so i was able to decipher the title of the print – “cannery row.” 

cannery row

but i could NOT figure out the signature.

i studied it for awhile and thought the first name might be “francis.”  but the last name – that was throwing me.  it seemed italian to me.  thought it started with a “g.”  or a “c.”  i was googling all kinds of names of what i thought it might be.  and then i gave up.  i walked away from the print all day.  and then tonight i stood back and looked and thought, maybe that’s just a messy “caldwell.” 


turns out there’s a francis atlee caldwell, artist, 1911-1996.  born in san francisco.  and i’ve been able to find a couple of his pieces online with the same signature. 

maybe this is what i like about shopping goodwill.  unraveling a mystery.  and i do actually like the painting.   or print.  or lithograph.  or whatever the official term is.

nice rendition of expensive boats i can’t afford. 

thank goodness i could afford an $8 painting of boats i can’t afford.


5 Comments on “more art”

  1. kelly says:

    I read CALDWELL right off. So is it worth anything?

  2. Linda says:

    Francis Caldwell is my grandfather. I have several of his paintings hanging in my house. His style of painting changed so much over the years. Some of it was a little strange. He was a wonderful grandfather and artist.

    • fries in a cone says:

      how cool of you to write! i’d definitely say he was a wonderful artist. this particular piece of art is now in my living room and truly one of my favorites. you’re lucky to have an artist in the family and lucky to own several paintings! thanks again for stopping by to say hello. -kim

    • James says:

      I took have one of his oil paintings

      • fries in a cone says:

        Are you positive it’s Francis Caldwell and not Clyde Caldwell? Just checking. Doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

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