xmas ‘hood

i’m not over-the-top christmasy this year, but i decided to set up a christmas village on top of my big ol’ hutch in the living room. 

the snow bunny paint-by-number was the very first paint-by-number i ever picked up in a thrift store.  perfect for the holidays.

only used a small representation of my little japanese cardboard houses i’ve amassed over the years.

i’m rather fond of the out-of-proportion element of the items together.  the baby deer are bigger than the houses.  so are the people.

pinocchio’s head makes an appearance:

(it’s a yo-yo, made in italy, found in a thrift store years ago.)

oh, it’s just a big old hodge-podge of stuff i’ve collected over the years that makes me giggle.  textured white trees from anthropologie, bottle brush trees picked up here and there, vintage plastic deer, giant scandinavian shaped wood deer, some handmade linen trees, an orrefors black crystal santa, danish wooden dolls.  a nice big (mini) christmas mish-mash. 

i’m beginning to conjure up a little more christmas spirit now that i’ve got twinkly lights up, but something’s still not quite there.  mmm.  maybe a boyfriend?  or a house of my own?  or a job where i don’t have to work holidays?  what could it be?

i know.  i should be grateful for what i DO have.  and i’ve got one awesome vintage christmas ‘hood goin’ on.


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