a nice quiet day

ahhh, a day off with no commitments, nothing pressing, no appointments, no bills to pay, no groceries to buy, just a little laundry to do. 

i opted to stay home and dig out some old craft materials stored deep in the dungeon basement storage bins.  spied these ice skate ornaments on “how about orange” and another version on “not quite vintage” and decided to have a go. 

digging through all the bins i have, i found some crafty miniature beer bottles i bought for whatever reason years ago.  i’ve since added one to my xmas village.  now i don’t feel as if i’m drinking alone.


dug out some trim and some pom-poms and some beads and some sequins and gathered a little snack tray of new-to-me crackers (explorer’s bounty stone crackers made from yuca,) (yuca?  what the heck is yuca?  it’s spelled with one “c” on my box of crackers, 2 “c”s here,) olive tapenade spread and some pink prosecco and got down to business making skates.

a stitch or two here, a cracker there, a sip here, a stitch there.

the first one:

they’re easy and satisfying.  i can whip up a bunch of these during the slow times at work. 

in non-crafty related news, the golden globe nominations were announced this morning and i’ve got to get busy watching movies, although i do have a few under my belt already.  and ricky gervais is hosting this year!  while i used to think i liked oscar night the best, over the years i’ve come to enjoy the golden globes show better.  can’t wait.


One Comment on “a nice quiet day”

  1. kelly says:

    You’re using blue paper clips? I like them.

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