running errands yesterday i managed to squeeze in a quick little jaunt through the local goodwill.  i can’t stress this enough – there is A LOT of christmas JUNK there.  tons and tons and shelves and shelves and aisles and aisles of awful christmas JUNK.  my skilled vintage radar kicked in though and i honed in on a piece of plastic turned on its side on the bottom shelf of the last christmas aisle.  victory.  a 1966 empire plastic lighted blow mold snowman.  $2.  SOLD. 

he stands just about a foot high and is perfect on the kitchen counter.

got a chance to drive through several neighborhoods last night and i have to tell you –  it just warms my belly to see all the lights on all the houses.  i’m not a fan of the inflatable lawn ornaments, but give me a house with lights and i light up.  especially if they’re mis-matched.  the more color the better.  and my fave among faves (those of you who know me already know this) – my absolute favoritest thing to see is a house of lights with one – just one – one bush with blinking lights.  it’s my goal every season to find that house.  i spotted the blinking rail banister yesterday, but no blinking bush.  the hunt goes on…

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