bracing for a blizzard

we’re due for a storm.  apparently a big ‘un.  picked up my newly working, non-oil leaking jeep last night and i’m ready to go.  there were so many things busted on my jeep that i feared she was a goner.  luckily i work with a man who LOVES to tinker on jeeps and he offered to save her.  she’s got a horn now.  and an antenna (broken off by vandals) so i actually have tunes again.  starts right up without having to jumpstart it.  that in itself is a christmas miracle.  replaced the trunk latch thingies so i don’t have to hold the trunk door open with my head anymore.  and the headlights are pointed in the right direction.  and oh yah, she’s got brakes.  that’s an important one.  she might not be the prettiest car on the block, but according to my friend she’s got another 100K miles left in her.  and i’ll feel much safer driving this home from work tonight in our little blizzard. 


another thing i’m thankful for is heat.  the pilot light went out on my gas (fake)woodstove yesterday morning on, of course, the coldest day of the year.  it was a balmy 58° in my living room.  i had to work early in the morning and didn’t have time to mess with it before heading off.  when i got home in the evening i made several attempts at re-igniting it, but failed miserably.  the landlord eventually got the pilot light lit again later that evening.  wahoo.  heat and a 4-wheel drive jeep right before the onset of a blizzard.  what more could one ask for?  well, eggs, i suppose.  i gotta get a dozen eggs.  and coffee.  and cider.  then i’ll be all set.

here we go.  ’tis the season.   

handmade cross stitch ornament found for a quarter


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