blizzard ’09

the blizzard decided to be fashionably late. 

so, i’m at work, one of 4 who made it in.  after every massage, i’d come out of my room and say,

“is it snowing?!?!” 

nope.  it was supposed to start at 2:00 in the afternoon.  finally at 8:00 PM i could see flakes out the window.  my drive home was not treacherous at all, but i was thankful for the jeep.  did my grocery shopping later in the evening and avoided all crowds. 

a reminder, the jeep yesterday:

 and now, the jeep this morning:

i’ve got some serious shoveling to do today before work.  ugh. 

my other car:

my arms are doomed.

but it sho’ is purty out there.

the view from another window.  i’ll be darned:


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