xmas eve eve

ya ever have one of those days where you fully expect to work and then suddenly find yourself at a 1:15 matinee?  precisely what happened to me today.  i was ready to go see “up in the air” this evening after work as it opened today and i wanted to avoid the christmas day crowds, per usual.  work phoned and said i had nothing on my books, so i opted for the full day off.  and i was pleased as punch. 

the theater was practically empty and, for a change, actually warm and toasty.  perfect movie-going conditions.  and thoroughly enjoyable.  and while i thought the movie was heading toward predictable, it did not end the way i imagined.  and i was happy for that.  that’s it.  that’s my review.  a good solid movie and a good solid movie-going experience.  these are days i live for.  an unexpected day off from work and a good movie in a warm, empty theater.  merry christmas to me. 


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