xmas eve

i thought i would treat myself and bake some delicious allergy-free brownies this morning before heading into work.  a little something sweet to look forward to after my christmas eve shift was over. 

now i’ve made these things several times before.  and they’re always good.  but today when i licked the spoon after emptying the batter into the pan, i was all, “uh-oh, that don’t taste right.”  but i baked them anyway.  and i checked the package to make sure the expiration date hadn’t expired.  it hadn’t.  and i re-read the directions to make sure i hadn’t misread something.  i hadn’t.  i think i just got myself a faulty batch of mix. 

they’re the most inedible things i’ve ever made.  they’re just awful.  drat.  the christmas brownies are garbage.      

thank goodness i have a bottle of prosecco chilling in the fridge for me as we speak.  not exactly a tasty brownie, but it’ll do for this year. 

happy christmas eve!


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