HOT DOG, it’s cold!

this is the temperature in my back kitchen pantry where i keep this little long-ago-thrifted-for-49¢ swiss chalet thermometer.  now, it reads as 62° and that might seem balmy for an outdoor temperature, but that is downright cold for an indoor temperature.  i keep this area closed off from the rest of  apartment and when i venture in there, it’s a cold slap in the face.  but it actually feels good on the face.  tightens the pores.  tightens the skin.  i should spend more time in here.

topsy turvy

things are a little topsy turvy upside down in my life at the moment.  blog posting promises to be light. 

i’m facing what much of the united states population is  facing.  unemployment and how to find work when you’re (nearly) a 50 year old woman.  trying to look at it as an “opportunity” rather than the end of the world.  how cliché is that?

in thrifting news, a co-worker (for the time being, anyway) informed me of a new thrift store to check out and although i didn’t have much time to explore due to a 4:00 closing time, i managed to scoop up a couple mid-century paintings.  again, i can’t make out the signature.

the signature

what do ya think?  those last two marks are the date?  ’64?  or is it something altogether different? 

and then i picked up what-i-believe are vintage cocktail napkins, although the handstitched embroidery seems more of a contemporary design.  they definitely have the vintage smell, though. 

that’s all for now.  i’ll be back when things settle down and i figure out a plan b.

yah, so…

…i watched “the golden globes.”  they were OK.  kinda ho-hum.  i snacked well and i champagned well and i didn’t have to work and when you get right down to it, that is what counts the most.  probably my favorite moment was when meryl streep said she wanted to change her name to “T-Bone.”    “T-Bone Streep.”  (in reference to t-bone burnett who had just won a shared golden globe for best song.)  

“house-themed” items keep creeping into my life.  after picking up my golden globe snacks at the grocery store, i made a quick beeline into the local goodwill.

scooped up a sweet little perpetual calendar.  with a cute little cottage decoration.  again – is this a sign?  don’t give up the house hunt??? 

the reverse side of the months and days slider is in english, but i find the french version more fun.  i took 5 years of french throughout jr.  high school and regular high school and this is about all i can remember, the months of the year and the days of the week.  oui, oui, it’s coming in mighty handy now.

romantic party of one

candlelight, fireplace, cocktails, appetizers.  i sure know how to woo myself.

another friday night home alone in front of the fire trying to stay warm and catch up on golden globe nominated (and possibly oscar nominated) movies.  last night was “the hurt locker.”  intense and brutal and anxiety-inducing.  war movies, man.  they get to me.  i’m not particularly fond of war movies, but as far as war movies go, i’ll have to say i liked it.  it certainly doesn’t hurt that jeremy renner is easy on the eyes.


more my speed is “it’s complicated” – pure fantasy with a few doses of reality thrown in for good measure.   i’d like to see meryl streep win something for once.  and that chick from “an education” – carey mulligan – she could use an award.  but i haven’t really even seen a lot of movies this year.  slow movie year for me.


golden globes.  sunday night.  i took the night off from work (in advance) to watch.  can you see where my priorities lie?  TV, a glass or two of  bubbly, and a few laughs with ricky gervais vs. earning a living.  i totally made the right choice.

red cottage

sure.  i’m on the brink of losing my job and yet i’m still going on a palm springs vacation and i couldn’t help but drive by a house-for-sale today that just took a big dip in price.  house buying?  traveling?  who do i think i am?   one of those first-time homebuyers who takes advantage of that 8 grand tax rebate after martini-ing it up in the swank goodness that is palm springs, that’s who.

these photos were taken right at dusk so they’re a little dark, but can you see the potential?  ok, there’s no furnace.  and the windows are posing an issue.  and that front step railing, well, that could use some help.  i have no clue as to what the inside of this place looks like, but i may have to make an appointment for a showing.  in my mind i see “charming swedish cottage in a new england setting with hardly any work at all needed and cheap to heat.”  in reality, well, let’s face it – it’s probably a dump. 


huh?  huh?  do you see the hidden charm?  and bonus – it’s still maintaining WOOD siding.  no crap vinyl siding that is taking over the world and ripping the souls out of old houses left and right. 

oh, i dunno.  it’s probably overpriced for its diminutive size and amount of work needed, but it does sport 2 bedrooms.  and a garage.  let’s keep focusing on those positives.

no layoffs


big shakeup in the department, however.  huge changes coming in the next couple weeks.  our spa is being taken over by another company and it promises to get real innerestin’ real soon. 

i should be in panic mode, but i’m just not.  i can’t be bothered worrying about the future of my job, my income, my security, my stability right this very second.  i’ve got a vacation to plan. 

found the above plastic mini license plate at a flea market sometime before christmas.  i will be happy to say goodbye to these frigid northeast temperatures for a little jaunt in the desert soon. 

have been keeping away from the thrift stores lately, due in part to weather, endless chores, and pretty much ’cause i have just about everything i need.  took a quick stroll through one last night and for 3 bucks total walked out w/a snazzy vintage palm springs-esque top:

a wooden dansk winter scene box:

and from 1972, a “love is…” night light.  i’ve never been much a fan of the “heart-shaped” anything, but i used to love this comic strip in my youth.  and heck, it IS nearing valentine’s day and it WAS only 49¢.  i splurged. 

love is…for sharing. 

david letterman and tiger woods must’ve been fans of this comic strip as well.

so far…

…i don’t know what to make of 2010.  have not done anything much in the way of excitement.  just dealing with the never-ending snowstorms and freezy-cold temps like everyone else in the northern hemisphere, it seems. 

i think i found this vintage snowflake glass sometime last year after winter was long over.  and winter wasn’t long over ’til just about august, was it?   seems a little more apropos now in light of the recent weather, although i must confess, i have not felt much like drinking a cold beverage in recent months.  i’ve held steadfast to the red wine and hot cider.  (oops, forgot about that apple mint punch.)


i might need some tasty tequila this evening however, as a mandatory meeting for my department at work has been scheduled for all staff members.  i hardly think this signals good news given the bleak business we’ve had of late.  i’m convinced it means one thing:  layoff.  stay tuned.

and to make matters worse, see this cute little pedestal cake stand of muffins?  they’ve found a home right in the garbage after this photo was shot.  more allergy-free treats that taste AWFUL.  somebody has messed with the formula in that company because they leave an aftertaste that is downright vile.    i absolutely do not recall this foul foul taste when making these prior.  in fact, i was overjoyed at how good they tasted.  and this time i made sure to smell everything, the bowls, the muffin tin, the oil, the eggs, the mix, the mixing spoon, everything before mixing it all together.  and then the exact same thing happened as with the brownies.  the batter didn’t taste right.  that’s two times in a row.  there goes the occasional baked good sweet treat right down the drain.