so far…

…i don’t know what to make of 2010.  have not done anything much in the way of excitement.  just dealing with the never-ending snowstorms and freezy-cold temps like everyone else in the northern hemisphere, it seems. 

i think i found this vintage snowflake glass sometime last year after winter was long over.  and winter wasn’t long over ’til just about august, was it?   seems a little more apropos now in light of the recent weather, although i must confess, i have not felt much like drinking a cold beverage in recent months.  i’ve held steadfast to the red wine and hot cider.  (oops, forgot about that apple mint punch.)


i might need some tasty tequila this evening however, as a mandatory meeting for my department at work has been scheduled for all staff members.  i hardly think this signals good news given the bleak business we’ve had of late.  i’m convinced it means one thing:  layoff.  stay tuned.

and to make matters worse, see this cute little pedestal cake stand of muffins?  they’ve found a home right in the garbage after this photo was shot.  more allergy-free treats that taste AWFUL.  somebody has messed with the formula in that company because they leave an aftertaste that is downright vile.    i absolutely do not recall this foul foul taste when making these prior.  in fact, i was overjoyed at how good they tasted.  and this time i made sure to smell everything, the bowls, the muffin tin, the oil, the eggs, the mix, the mixing spoon, everything before mixing it all together.  and then the exact same thing happened as with the brownies.  the batter didn’t taste right.  that’s two times in a row.  there goes the occasional baked good sweet treat right down the drain.


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