no layoffs


big shakeup in the department, however.  huge changes coming in the next couple weeks.  our spa is being taken over by another company and it promises to get real innerestin’ real soon. 

i should be in panic mode, but i’m just not.  i can’t be bothered worrying about the future of my job, my income, my security, my stability right this very second.  i’ve got a vacation to plan. 

found the above plastic mini license plate at a flea market sometime before christmas.  i will be happy to say goodbye to these frigid northeast temperatures for a little jaunt in the desert soon. 

have been keeping away from the thrift stores lately, due in part to weather, endless chores, and pretty much ’cause i have just about everything i need.  took a quick stroll through one last night and for 3 bucks total walked out w/a snazzy vintage palm springs-esque top:

a wooden dansk winter scene box:

and from 1972, a “love is…” night light.  i’ve never been much a fan of the “heart-shaped” anything, but i used to love this comic strip in my youth.  and heck, it IS nearing valentine’s day and it WAS only 49¢.  i splurged. 

love is…for sharing. 

david letterman and tiger woods must’ve been fans of this comic strip as well.


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