red cottage

sure.  i’m on the brink of losing my job and yet i’m still going on a palm springs vacation and i couldn’t help but drive by a house-for-sale today that just took a big dip in price.  house buying?  traveling?  who do i think i am?   one of those first-time homebuyers who takes advantage of that 8 grand tax rebate after martini-ing it up in the swank goodness that is palm springs, that’s who.

these photos were taken right at dusk so they’re a little dark, but can you see the potential?  ok, there’s no furnace.  and the windows are posing an issue.  and that front step railing, well, that could use some help.  i have no clue as to what the inside of this place looks like, but i may have to make an appointment for a showing.  in my mind i see “charming swedish cottage in a new england setting with hardly any work at all needed and cheap to heat.”  in reality, well, let’s face it – it’s probably a dump. 


huh?  huh?  do you see the hidden charm?  and bonus – it’s still maintaining WOOD siding.  no crap vinyl siding that is taking over the world and ripping the souls out of old houses left and right. 

oh, i dunno.  it’s probably overpriced for its diminutive size and amount of work needed, but it does sport 2 bedrooms.  and a garage.  let’s keep focusing on those positives.


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