romantic party of one

candlelight, fireplace, cocktails, appetizers.  i sure know how to woo myself.

another friday night home alone in front of the fire trying to stay warm and catch up on golden globe nominated (and possibly oscar nominated) movies.  last night was “the hurt locker.”  intense and brutal and anxiety-inducing.  war movies, man.  they get to me.  i’m not particularly fond of war movies, but as far as war movies go, i’ll have to say i liked it.  it certainly doesn’t hurt that jeremy renner is easy on the eyes.


more my speed is “it’s complicated” – pure fantasy with a few doses of reality thrown in for good measure.   i’d like to see meryl streep win something for once.  and that chick from “an education” – carey mulligan – she could use an award.  but i haven’t really even seen a lot of movies this year.  slow movie year for me.


golden globes.  sunday night.  i took the night off from work (in advance) to watch.  can you see where my priorities lie?  TV, a glass or two of  bubbly, and a few laughs with ricky gervais vs. earning a living.  i totally made the right choice.


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