yah, so…

…i watched “the golden globes.”  they were OK.  kinda ho-hum.  i snacked well and i champagned well and i didn’t have to work and when you get right down to it, that is what counts the most.  probably my favorite moment was when meryl streep said she wanted to change her name to “T-Bone.”    “T-Bone Streep.”  (in reference to t-bone burnett who had just won a shared golden globe for best song.)  

“house-themed” items keep creeping into my life.  after picking up my golden globe snacks at the grocery store, i made a quick beeline into the local goodwill.

scooped up a sweet little perpetual calendar.  with a cute little cottage decoration.  again – is this a sign?  don’t give up the house hunt??? 

the reverse side of the months and days slider is in english, but i find the french version more fun.  i took 5 years of french throughout jr.  high school and regular high school and this is about all i can remember, the months of the year and the days of the week.  oui, oui, it’s coming in mighty handy now.


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