topsy turvy

things are a little topsy turvy upside down in my life at the moment.  blog posting promises to be light. 

i’m facing what much of the united states population is  facing.  unemployment and how to find work when you’re (nearly) a 50 year old woman.  trying to look at it as an “opportunity” rather than the end of the world.  how cliché is that?

in thrifting news, a co-worker (for the time being, anyway) informed me of a new thrift store to check out and although i didn’t have much time to explore due to a 4:00 closing time, i managed to scoop up a couple mid-century paintings.  again, i can’t make out the signature.

the signature

what do ya think?  those last two marks are the date?  ’64?  or is it something altogether different? 

and then i picked up what-i-believe are vintage cocktail napkins, although the handstitched embroidery seems more of a contemporary design.  they definitely have the vintage smell, though. 

that’s all for now.  i’ll be back when things settle down and i figure out a plan b.


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