started in august

finished in february.

that’s just about right.

the rain turned to snow.

if i only had a husband…

…i now possess the perfect rolling pin to bop him in the head.

ok – that wasn’t nice.  i’m not a fan of violent humor.

but c’mon – have you EVER seen such a fun rolling pin? 

thrifted yesterday for $2.  it’s metal with plastic handles and i’m in love with the color combo.  despite soaking it overnight, i do believe there is still some 50 year old dough embedded on the handles.  i’m not too worried, though as i don’t think i’ll be using this for baking, since i, of course, do not bake. 

and i’ve got to give the weather forecasters their due.  they’ve been dead-on accurate with their cruddy, rainy forecast.  it’s been dreary and rainy for days now and we’re promised even more of the same. 

every picture looks better with a hula hoop, no?.


we’re in for some rain for the next five days or so.  rain, sleet, snow.  the picture above was taken this morning when it was snowing and the snowflakes were gigantic.  can you see them? 

i don’t know if i can bear another 6 months of rain like we had last year.  really though, what can you do about it?  if you can’t beat it, craft it.

i’m on a tear.  i’m in the process of finishing up a few projects i started in the fall which have been left strewn about the apartment. 

yes, it’s achingly similar to the other one i did this past summer, only i’ve gone out on a limb (no i haven’t) and made raindrops instead of circles. 

from this summer:

(the design was lifted from a vintage craft book i own.  here’s the original by beaudette smith.)

original wall hanging by beaudette smith

not so original wall hanging by me


next up is trying to figure out how to sew an envelope enclosure pillow with giant rick-rack trim piping using a piece i’ve already appliquéd and embroidered.  it hurts my brain to even think about it.  will undoubtedly involve math and real thinking, and i like to think of myself as more of a mindless crafter.


i love when i’m cool before my time.

so i’m reading my current readymade magazine last night during dinner break at work (yes, i’m still working and yes, it was actually busy this week due to school vacation week and yes, it was weird to be working so hard and yes, i have less than a month of employment left before i become an unemployed statistic, and no, i don’t have a plan B.) 

but back to my coolness.  so i’m flipping through the magazine and i see this photo of a featured cocktail:

will you check out that glass???

remember when i found my own???

and remember when i made my own cider cocktail this past fall?

huh?  huh?  

i love shallow, superficial validation.


i had such visions.  this is the garage and shed of the red cottage i mentioned last month – the little red cottage i had envisioned to be my charming swedish-type cottage in new england.  in my mind i saw the shed as a little massage office (it even has brickwork where a woodstove used to be!)  and this house was in a nice little town, far far away from the ghetto i’m in now.   unfortunately the house is a structural nightmare.  the bugs have gotten to it.  not to mention the mold.  it’s a complete mess.  while i was waiting for my realtor to meet me, i took the opportunity to hoop a little.

this backyard is where i envisioned my cement patio and firepit to be, much like one of the outdoor sitting areas at the parker in palm springs (look to the far left on the parker’s website link.)  ok – hang on for a couple bad smudgy photos from the palm springs vaca.  i’ll just throw them in so you can get a visual.  once again, i apologize in advance for the crap photography. 

firepit at the orbit in, palm springs

i know.  just digest all the awesomeness that IS that wall hanging and ignore the smudge.  there’s just something so right about being outdoors drinking a beverage next to a fire. 

unfortunately, there is something so wrong about being outdoors drinking a beverage next to a fire outside a crooked moldy termite-ridden house.  alas, the red cottage dreams ain’t gonna happen.  my real estate gal conservatively estimated repairs at $80 grand just to get it in liveable shape, which is $40 grand over my allotted budget, and that number didn’t even account for the firepit/patio/butterfly chairs portion of my renovations.  rats.  yet another house dream squelched.   

in crafting news…

like i’ve mentioned, it takes me forEVAH to finish a project.  i get stuff nearly done and then never finish things up.  i have a defective gene.  the put-things-off gene.  and ya know, i’m well aware of how BAD i am at this and cannot for the life of me get my act together.  i’m too easily distracted.  so yes, finished up the back of this mini quilt wall hanging in ’09 (i think it was november.)  finally sewed the 2 stinkin’ pieces together and quilted around the edges in mid-february.  what?  3 months later?  man, that’s slow.  i was going for thanksgiving/christmas colors in this piece.  well, i’ll be all prepared for the holidays in 2010, i suppose.

mixed bag

so, i made some more o’brien potatoes.  they remind me of palm springs and i don’t want palm springs to fade from my memory quite yet.

this sweater is gorgeous.  recently thrifted for $6.  100% wool.

it’s hanging outside for a reason.  i’ve handwashed it, where i let it soak for a good 24 hours.  and it’s been airing outside for DAYS.  still has the “smell.”   might have to give it a vinegar bath.  i’m not sure if it’s better to smell like your grandmother’s closet or smell like you’ve been eating fish & chips. 

and i picked up a new coffee mug.  it’s my new favorite.

fun mod graphics, huh?

feb. one-four

yup.  same day.  different year.  same old story.

she drinks alone.

vintage knitting mag

found this vintage knitting magazine in my local goodwill after returning from palm springs.  the goodwill employees were relieved to see me as i had been MIA for over a week.  there are SO MANY great patterns in here – i wish i had the patience to knit.  i don’t, though.  it’s too time consuming.  i have a hard enough time finishing easy projects.  a sweater would take me 5 years.

so, i’m flipping through this great magazine and whaddya know?  it’s an early photo of lauren hutton, one of my personal fave models.  she’s somewhat of a hero in that she hasn’t succumbed to plastic surgery and gone all plastic looking.   boy, was she ever cute back in the day (these photos are from 1967.)


ahh, youth.

sweet, sweet youth.

o’brien potatoes

i love when i say i’m gonna do something and actually follow through on it.  i cooked up some o’brien potatoes (i ate them every morning in palm springs.)  and they actually tasted good.  

throw a couple poached eggs on top with a side of cranberry juice and i’m all healthed up for a grueling day of nothing.

they tasted even better the following morning.  i am a master chef. 

i should take a photography class with all the free time i have.  my pictures are really cruddy lately.