more palm springs

went to palm springs with my friend lori, who is also turning five-zero this year.  an early birthday celebration for both of us. we stayed at a couple hotels, the first being the orbit in, where we stayed for three nights, the second being the ace hotel, where we stayed for a night.  both great, each with its own unique atmosphere.  i was in heaven in both of them, save for the (older) (than us) crab apple couple who were staying at the orbit in – this couple was miserable and it actually became comedic to observe their misery.  gawd, were they downers.  how could you be such grumps in a setting like this?

courtyard pool, early morning view from the room

coffee in the room

retro daisy coffee set

view from the bed, not your typical hotel artwork



planning our day

we hopped on the bicycles and got a lay of the land and by “lay of the land,” i mean we went in search of thrift stores.  we landed at resale therapy and what i thought would be a quick jaunt through a vintage clothing store ended up being a two hour excursion.  hysterically funny.  our original destination had been the estate sale company furniture store, but it was closed that day.  (don’t worry, we made it there another day and it PAINED me to not buy a couple little danish teak side tables.  well, to not buy a LOT of stuff.  couches, chandeliers, you name it.  at CHEAP prices too!)   resale therapy sufficed.   almost too well.  i spent money i don’t have on stuff i don’t need, but then again i DID buy some trendy spendy designer jeans that are supposed to make me look like i have a curvy butt, so maybe i DID need them.


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