palm springs, con’t.

unfortunately on day 2 of the trip, i smudged my camera lens with sunscreen and didn’t realize it ’til the last day of the trip.  ugh.  most of my photos have a smudge right smack dab in the middle of them, which STINKS, but i have learned my lesson – clean the camera lens often. 

and so, some of the most potentially awesome photos of us drinking prosecco at the parker, dinner at citron, the firepit at the orbit in, etc. are NO GOOD.  following are some photos not affected by “the smudge.”

lori on cruiser in front of great palm springs house with awesome tree

breakfast at peabody's

yes, that’s a mimosa at 7:30 in the morning.  i’m on vacation.  don’t judge.

the folks in palm springs take their potatoes seriously.  o’brien potatoes seem to be a popular item, so when in palm springs…..i ate them every morning.  no pictures of ’em, but i ate ’em.   i’m even going to attempt to cook some myself this morning. 

not only are the o’brien potatoes popular, but fries are gourmet and homemade potato chips were served at the citron.  again, i was in potato heaven. 

lunch at the keiser grille

good snackin' at the ace hotel restaurant, king's highway

homemade potato chips at the citron, viceroy hotel

ok, that’s the WORST picture ever, but i had to include the homemade potato chips.

we're standing in front of lemon and grapefruit trees!!

bike locked up while eating lunch


3 Comments on “palm springs, con’t.”

  1. kelly says:

    LOVE the cruiser bicycles. Uncle Timer sells them you know. I’ve got some kind of LLBean 12 speed thing here I’m thinking of breaking out….

  2. John says:

    The plates don’t match the rider?

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