the ace

i think we stayed in a couple of the coolest hotels in palm springs, although there certainly were a TON of hotels. 

typical tourist shot

we look pissed, but we're not

checking out the menu at the ace

lori lounging poolside at the ace

outdoor showers at the ace pool, i thought they were lights

showerhead close-up

early morning view of the ace hotel from the room

one of several firepits at the ace hotel

man, i love me some instant outdoor fire, the instant heat against your back – what’s better, i ask???  a gas outdoor fireplace now goes on my “list of wants.”  (again – a JOB should be first on my list of wants.  but no, i think outdoor fireplace.  and vintage cruiser bicycle.  i don’t even have a HOUSE yet.  what am i thinking???)  anyway, a girl gal woman  broad can dream, can’t she?

inside the room were some interesting elements.  loved the silver tipped lightbulbs.

silver-tipped lightbulb in ace hotel room

and here are a couple more ideas i’ll have to incorporate into my imaginary house/cottage of the future:

pipe-fittings for bathroom hooks, painted black

pipe-fittings used as a toilet paper holder, clever

this concludes my palm springs tour.  next time i’ll be sure to clean my camera lens more often. (!)   apparently there’s a bob hope’s house hike we need to do.  we’re shooting for the film festival next year.  hopefully i’ll have some income coming in by then.


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