i had such visions.  this is the garage and shed of the red cottage i mentioned last month – the little red cottage i had envisioned to be my charming swedish-type cottage in new england.  in my mind i saw the shed as a little massage office (it even has brickwork where a woodstove used to be!)  and this house was in a nice little town, far far away from the ghetto i’m in now.   unfortunately the house is a structural nightmare.  the bugs have gotten to it.  not to mention the mold.  it’s a complete mess.  while i was waiting for my realtor to meet me, i took the opportunity to hoop a little.

this backyard is where i envisioned my cement patio and firepit to be, much like one of the outdoor sitting areas at the parker in palm springs (look to the far left on the parker’s website link.)  ok – hang on for a couple bad smudgy photos from the palm springs vaca.  i’ll just throw them in so you can get a visual.  once again, i apologize in advance for the crap photography. 

firepit at the orbit in, palm springs

i know.  just digest all the awesomeness that IS that wall hanging and ignore the smudge.  there’s just something so right about being outdoors drinking a beverage next to a fire. 

unfortunately, there is something so wrong about being outdoors drinking a beverage next to a fire outside a crooked moldy termite-ridden house.  alas, the red cottage dreams ain’t gonna happen.  my real estate gal conservatively estimated repairs at $80 grand just to get it in liveable shape, which is $40 grand over my allotted budget, and that number didn’t even account for the firepit/patio/butterfly chairs portion of my renovations.  rats.  yet another house dream squelched.   

in crafting news…

like i’ve mentioned, it takes me forEVAH to finish a project.  i get stuff nearly done and then never finish things up.  i have a defective gene.  the put-things-off gene.  and ya know, i’m well aware of how BAD i am at this and cannot for the life of me get my act together.  i’m too easily distracted.  so yes, finished up the back of this mini quilt wall hanging in ’09 (i think it was november.)  finally sewed the 2 stinkin’ pieces together and quilted around the edges in mid-february.  what?  3 months later?  man, that’s slow.  i was going for thanksgiving/christmas colors in this piece.  well, i’ll be all prepared for the holidays in 2010, i suppose.


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