we’re in for some rain for the next five days or so.  rain, sleet, snow.  the picture above was taken this morning when it was snowing and the snowflakes were gigantic.  can you see them? 

i don’t know if i can bear another 6 months of rain like we had last year.  really though, what can you do about it?  if you can’t beat it, craft it.

i’m on a tear.  i’m in the process of finishing up a few projects i started in the fall which have been left strewn about the apartment. 

yes, it’s achingly similar to the other one i did this past summer, only i’ve gone out on a limb (no i haven’t) and made raindrops instead of circles. 

from this summer:

(the design was lifted from a vintage craft book i own.  here’s the original by beaudette smith.)

original wall hanging by beaudette smith

not so original wall hanging by me


next up is trying to figure out how to sew an envelope enclosure pillow with giant rick-rack trim piping using a piece i’ve already appliquéd and embroidered.  it hurts my brain to even think about it.  will undoubtedly involve math and real thinking, and i like to think of myself as more of a mindless crafter.


One Comment on “raindrops”

  1. kelly says:

    Your stitching is practically perfect!

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