if i only had a husband…

…i now possess the perfect rolling pin to bop him in the head.

ok – that wasn’t nice.  i’m not a fan of violent humor.

but c’mon – have you EVER seen such a fun rolling pin? 

thrifted yesterday for $2.  it’s metal with plastic handles and i’m in love with the color combo.  despite soaking it overnight, i do believe there is still some 50 year old dough embedded on the handles.  i’m not too worried, though as i don’t think i’ll be using this for baking, since i, of course, do not bake. 

and i’ve got to give the weather forecasters their due.  they’ve been dead-on accurate with their cruddy, rainy forecast.  it’s been dreary and rainy for days now and we’re promised even more of the same. 

every picture looks better with a hula hoop, no?.


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