i got nothin’ going on.

sure, i’ve been thrifting. 

managed to pick up a few things, but nothing of any significance or importance. (brand new vintage vera sheet, copco dutchoven, another enamel ladle, dansk vase or candleholder (not sure,) dansk saucepan (with a scorched handle – had to repair it with a little wood filler,) stainless swedish creamer, italian espresso cups.)  what i liked was how all the colors seemed to go together.  more of a fall color scheme – certainly not very springy for this time of year.  you wonder if it all came from the same home’s donation or if it’s just a coincidence, all these danish/euro items in one store at the same time.

but then i found a spring-like retro mod sally gee silk scarf and threw the whole matching color scheme right out the window.  it’s a little loud, but will work nicely as a head scarf or a belt. 

oh yah, forgot about these.  danish teak napkin rings, 40¢.  cuz i ALWAYS (never) use a napkin ring. 

i like the triangle ones best.   

 i think it’s the pending doom of not being employed that is bringing me down.  well, that and the fact i won’t be able to buy a house soon, which is all i really want.  talk about stuck.  i’m just in a bad rut.  made an appointment to see a woman who will “read” me.  a life coach/seer, of sorts.  i don’t generally go for this type of thing, but she was recommended highly by a co-worker i completely respect (and i don’t respect many folks i work with – like, i could count them on one hand and not fill up my hand.)  she’s from poland.  promises to be interesting.  at the very least it’ll be an adventure.  hopefully it’ll be the kick in the pants i need.

have been netflixing “the united states of tara” and last night finished up “damages” season 2.  both intriguing and fascinating.  couldn’t even take the night off work for the oscars coming up this sunday, as taking any time off before my official lay-off date could jeopardize my severance pay (despite me having several days left of vacation/sick/personal time, darn it.) 

do have a line on a couple vintage cruiser bicycles, so, that’s something

other than that,  snooze city.  i still haven’t even wanted to attempt finishing my pillow with gigantic rick-rack trim.  i’ve got no oomph.  i better wear that loud scarf today.  that should oomphen me a little.  that and a bottle glass of prosecco.


4 Comments on “blah”

  1. anne says:

    Are the 4 napkin rings, 2 circle, 2 triangle for sale?

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