the plate has a home

i mean, what are the chances?  as i’ve mentioned before, i got this little plastic name plate before christmas at a local sundays-only flea market.  i knew i was heading to palm springs shortly afterwards, but had no idea in palm springs i’d be riding all over the city on a vintage bicycle that i would grow to LOVE.  and that soon after that i’d be buying my own vintage bicycle and actually have a place to put this little plastic license plate with my actual name on it.  from palm springs!!!  oh the coincidence of it all.

it’s been gorgeous and sunshiney here the past few days.  i took her for a spin.

a quick spin.


2 Comments on “the plate has a home”

  1. lori says:

    i know i gave you my blessing….but now i am sooooo jealous….

  2. John says:

    The last pic makes sense now. “danger” .. then you on a bike w/no helmet. Only a wheelie could of made it better.

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