“i see flowers…”

went and had my energy read this morning, and no, it was not with the meter reader at the utility company as one of my friends thought.  it was with a woman who “interpreted my energy.”  her home was located in a whole new part of the state for me and it’s always fun to take new roads and see if you can actually find a place without getting lost.  and my mapquest directions didn’t let me down.  found her home with ease, but was taken aback when i saw this in her neighbor’s driveway.  it’s just not something you see every day.  or ever.

what in the …? 

the big yellow rocker alone made the trip worthwhile.   

now, i’m not going to get into the whole reading here and reveal what exactly was said.  suffice it to say, i still remain as skeptical as i’ve always been, but i will say i was entertained.   

about halfway through our time together, out of nowhere she said,

“i see flowers.”

“you see flowers?  mmmm.  flowers, flowers,” i say, tapping my forehead. 

“yes, flowers.”

“i gotta tell you, i have no idea what that means.  flowers, huh?”

and that was that. 

later on toward the end of our session she could still see the flowers, and perhaps thought i’d be good at flower arranging.  ok, fine.  i’m open to it.  i can see it, although i’ve never really taken an interest in flowers or gardening.

we finished up, i paid her and i was on my way, still confused as all get out on what to do with my life.  according to her though, money will never be a problem, a new job will never be a problem and i will have a new relationship with a younger (!) successful, wealthy businessman. 

and so naturally, since i was in a new part of the state i opted to go in search of a goodwill afterwards and do a little thrifting.  (because younger, successful, wealthy businessmen always hang out at the local thrift stores.)    i bought a full size summertime retro cannon royal family bedspread, a small pyrex casserole storage container with lid, and a bavaria germany coffee cup.



i see flowers.

(btw, i never even realized the flower thing til i got home.)  true story.


3 Comments on ““i see flowers…””

  1. John says:

    The whole “interpreting energy” business must be good by the looks of the neighbor’s house. Very nice. +1 for big yellow rocker in the driveway.

  2. wineangel says:

    Wow! You could write about a dead chicken and make it entertaining! Rock on and please write on! We luv it!!

  3. kelly says:

    The picture of the giant chair made me laugh out loud.

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