another day…

…another felt flower. 

i’ve been cutting and folding and gluing a LOT of felt.

i’m loving all these tutorials i’ve been finding on making felt flowers.  this one is from megan at not martha

made this in between wrapping tape around hula hoops.  i have no photos of my hoops yet since i’ve only made two of them (well, 3 really, but that first one was experimental.  experimental and bad.  and they’re very plain-jane compared to all the beautifully decorative taped hoops out there in hoop world.  i used the cheapest tape i could find.  they’re good enough for playing around.)  wrap a little while, glue a little while, wrap, glue, drink, wrap, glue.

speaking of drink, picked up this vintage juice king juicer a few days ago to see how it squeezed juice.  it does the trick.  it’s a little bulky for my dinky kitchen space, though.   i think i remain partial to my vintage reamers, but i feel obligated to pick up good, sturdy old kitchen tools when i see them. 


i see a margarita in my near future.

fabric flower

a crafty friend of mine has a friend who wanted her to make fabric flowers for her wedding party.  so i sent this pattern to her from blair of wise craft as a suggestion.  and then i decided to make one myself with some blue wool felt i had hanging around. 

i added a few wooden beads to the center cuz i had those hanging around in a craft box, too.  again, i’m using my time unemployed wisely.  making flowers instead of looking for a job.  today was rainy and making a felt flower seemed like a perfect rainy day activity.  and then i went out in the rain and modeled it, although from the picture it doesn’t really look like it was raining.  but it was. 


the ghetto continues to look so pretty this time of year.  i get to look at that tree every day as soon as i set foot out my door.   just gorgeous. 

and so is the tree.  ha.

neon fries

i made another mini quilt and i call it “neon fries.”  cuz i’m artsy like that. 

it’s the crookedest mini quilt i’ve made to date and i know why.  i rushed it.  normally i make a quilt top and put it aside for what? 6 months?, then come back to it, sew a back to the piece and finish it up.  this time, in an effort NOT to procrastinate, i went ahead and sewed a back piece to it immediately, and it came out all wobbly and not square.  i should just accept the fact that procrastination becomes me.  it’s much better for my masterful works of art.

i like how the fries are all wobbly.  i just don’t like that the quilt itself is not square.  so i’ll just chalk this one up as homemade charm.  when you squish it in a frame the crookedness shows up more.  that’s why it’s necessary to layer cute little danish figurines in front of it and distract the eye. 

this yugoslavian cop is thinking, “i smell something crooked in these parts.”       

another one down

my friend lori turns 50 today.  we were all given strict orders not to buy gifts.

i bought her a vintage bicycle.  she won’t mind. 

it belonged to a 91 year old woman.  she’d rather go dancing than ride her bicycle these days.  cute.

and none of the grandkids wanted the bike – can you imagine?     

except i just discovered today that the back tire doesn’t hold air.  oops.  nothing like giving a gift that needs a little fixin’.  again, lori won’t mind.  it’s too awesome.


alright – it’s been crazy warm here.  we broke records yesterday in CT with temps in the 90s.  it took us til august last year to get into the 90s.  and now we’ve got ’em in APRIL.  so strange, but so nice. 

i spent over an hour in the park working on hoop moves i can’t do indoors.

and then i promptly felt sick. 

but not too sick that i couldn’t pop into a nearby goodwill and pick up a couple danish candleholders. 

i really did feel sick though.  sudden overwhelming fatigue and an excruciating headache.  i drank a bunch of water…maybe not enough?  who knows, but i was flat out on my couch for the rest of the evening with a throbbing head.  watched the movie “precious” and that did not help me feel better.  well, maybe a little better about my own life, but gawd, was that ever depressing, despite its “hopeful” message.

but back to the candlesticks – they’re blue.  blue i don’t have.

they were a buck apiece.

what’s odd though is i found a red pair last week in an entirely different goodwill for 79¢ apiece.

and again, this paints a little story of my personality.  on the one hand, who can resist a “made in denmark” bargain?  not me.  but when is enough enough?

you’re with me though, right?  ya have to buy a bargain when you spot a bargain. 

i’m going for this look i saw in my “small spaces” book from marie claire maison:

i think i’ve pretty much got it. 

now if i could only find a house, a job, a boyfriend, blah blah blah, broken record broken record…


when the trees are in bloom and the vintage plastic bicycle baskets are in bloom, it almost makes the ghetto where i live look a little less ghetto and a little more pretty.

special happy birthday wishes going out today to my friend missy from 3rd grade who is the first in my little childhood ‘hood to turn 50.  yikes.  i’d give anything to have a picture of us back then and i just don’t.  rats.


you may recall i bought a floor lamp last september for $4. 

over many days (weeks) and many coats of primer and spray paint and having the lamp topple over when the wind kicked up and chip the paint off in several spots, i finally decided to call it “good enough.”  instead of looking like a $4 lamp, it now looks like an awesome $10 lamp.