alright – it’s been crazy warm here.  we broke records yesterday in CT with temps in the 90s.  it took us til august last year to get into the 90s.  and now we’ve got ’em in APRIL.  so strange, but so nice. 

i spent over an hour in the park working on hoop moves i can’t do indoors.

and then i promptly felt sick. 

but not too sick that i couldn’t pop into a nearby goodwill and pick up a couple danish candleholders. 

i really did feel sick though.  sudden overwhelming fatigue and an excruciating headache.  i drank a bunch of water…maybe not enough?  who knows, but i was flat out on my couch for the rest of the evening with a throbbing head.  watched the movie “precious” and that did not help me feel better.  well, maybe a little better about my own life, but gawd, was that ever depressing, despite its “hopeful” message.

but back to the candlesticks – they’re blue.  blue i don’t have.

they were a buck apiece.

what’s odd though is i found a red pair last week in an entirely different goodwill for 79¢ apiece.

and again, this paints a little story of my personality.  on the one hand, who can resist a “made in denmark” bargain?  not me.  but when is enough enough?

you’re with me though, right?  ya have to buy a bargain when you spot a bargain. 

i’m going for this look i saw in my “small spaces” book from marie claire maison:

i think i’ve pretty much got it. 

now if i could only find a house, a job, a boyfriend, blah blah blah, broken record broken record…


3 Comments on “candlesticks”

  1. kelly says:

    Plus there’s the candlesticks you sent me….You should own your own store.

  2. candles says:

    Those are lovely candlesticks! And with color too! Sounds like you have a lot of candlesticks. Are you getting ready to open a store? Good luck if you are and thanks for sharing those pictures!

    • fries in a cone says:

      thanks, candles. i’ve picked ’em up here and there over several years. no plans to open a store at this time. maybe sometime down the road…..

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