neon fries

i made another mini quilt and i call it “neon fries.”  cuz i’m artsy like that. 

it’s the crookedest mini quilt i’ve made to date and i know why.  i rushed it.  normally i make a quilt top and put it aside for what? 6 months?, then come back to it, sew a back to the piece and finish it up.  this time, in an effort NOT to procrastinate, i went ahead and sewed a back piece to it immediately, and it came out all wobbly and not square.  i should just accept the fact that procrastination becomes me.  it’s much better for my masterful works of art.

i like how the fries are all wobbly.  i just don’t like that the quilt itself is not square.  so i’ll just chalk this one up as homemade charm.  when you squish it in a frame the crookedness shows up more.  that’s why it’s necessary to layer cute little danish figurines in front of it and distract the eye. 

this yugoslavian cop is thinking, “i smell something crooked in these parts.”       


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