fabric flower

a crafty friend of mine has a friend who wanted her to make fabric flowers for her wedding party.  so i sent this pattern to her from blair of wise craft as a suggestion.  and then i decided to make one myself with some blue wool felt i had hanging around. 

i added a few wooden beads to the center cuz i had those hanging around in a craft box, too.  again, i’m using my time unemployed wisely.  making flowers instead of looking for a job.  today was rainy and making a felt flower seemed like a perfect rainy day activity.  and then i went out in the rain and modeled it, although from the picture it doesn’t really look like it was raining.  but it was. 


the ghetto continues to look so pretty this time of year.  i get to look at that tree every day as soon as i set foot out my door.   just gorgeous. 

and so is the tree.  ha.


2 Comments on “fabric flower”

  1. kelly says:

    That flower looks FABULOUS! Good job! Your hair color looks good too!

  2. JD says:

    Great pic of you. Hair looks awesome!!!! Lookin’ a bit fit in the waist area also. Might have to start hoopin’ myself. 🙂

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