5 movies

cary grant and eva marie saint in “north by northwest”


in the past week i’ve seen 5 movies, all worth noting.  all completely different.  a little something for everyone.


1.  exit through the gift shop.  a movie about graffiti artists.  thoroughly entertaining.  *SPOILER ALERT* – don’t read any further if you want to see this movie on your own without knowing anything about it.   

i feel like i was “bridges-of-madison-county-ed.”  what i thought was a true story turned out to be not a true story. 

that said,  i was intrigued by the whole movie.  and then of course afterwards, went to the BEST little restaurant, a french brasserie, cafe noir, where i had a great little salad with a poached egg on top, some FRIES-IN-A-CONE in a silver bucket.  yah, that’s right.  fries.  in a cone.  in a bucket.  now, that’s some high-class joint.  it totally blows doors on my fries in an upside down birthday party hat (on my blog banner.)  i was in heaven.  not to mention – because i normally have to skip dessert due to food allergies, the chef brought out some blue cotton candy for me.  (so much for cutting back on sugar, but how sweet (ha) was that?!?)

2.  the messenger

netflixed.  brutal.  not an up movie, but a perfect reminder of current war time goings on and apropos for this memorial day weekend.  and i’m a huge fan of woody harrelson.  he and i share the same birthday, although i’ve got a year on him.   

3.  the private lives of pippa lee

probably my favorite movie of the week.  netflixed it.  why wasn’t this movie or robin wright (penn?) nominated for every single solitary award last year?  i just love her to pieces.  great cast, great characters.  and some good furniture.   

4.  sex and the city 2

carrie SATC2 vintage necklace


yes, i went despite bad reviews.  granted, some of the storylines were kinda dumb, but it was good to see my ol’ friends on the screen again.  obviously it was pure joy to see the clothing, the accessories, and the decor.  more importantly, there was a scene in the movie where a woman in abu-dhabi was served FRIES-IN-A-CONE.  i gasped a little.   apparently the middle easterners also enjoy a good potato snack.

5.  north by northwest

1959 hitchcock film with cary grant and eva marie saint.  holy cow – there was a house toward the end of the movie which was gorgeous!  when i win lotto i will have a house like that (even though apparently it wasn’t real.)  but the living room decor was out of this world.  scandinavian modern perfection. 

and there’s your little “a week of movies in the life of me” review.  now go get yourselves some culture.

more big top bunting

so – i had a bunch of triangle scraps from yesterday’s bunting experiment that i didn’t feel like wasting, despite how the fabric reminds me of a circus.  since i had some baby grommets in the craft supplies dungeon i decided to put them to use.  armed with my morning coffee, i punched holes in the fabric and got busy grommeting. 

i’m still undecided over the fabric, but for today it is good enough. 

thankfully the sun was shining this morning.  the photos i took yesterday were taken right before the skies opened up and we got pummeled with a thunderstorm.  they were a tad dark.  today’s shots are much brighter and it looks like someone happy lives here.  and by someone happy, i mean ronald mcdonald’s BFF.


in an effort to jazz up my porch a little, i figured i’d try my hand at some of that party bunting i’ve been seeing all over the place.  i live in an apartment in a house that has vinyl siding (ugh,) so there’s no way to put in hooks for hanging plants.  no way to bring your eye up, as it were.  i need “up high” decor.   that’s the official name. 

via country living

how much do i want to be invited to that party?  (above)  that is, of course, providing it’s not a baby shower and by the looks of the pink flags it could very well be a baby shower and this chick ain’t a fan of the baby shower.  any shower, really.  it’s probably an age thing.  however, if that outdoor porch party was a bunch of women sitting around talking hollywood gossip and the latest design and decor trends, all combined with a nice salad, a side of fries and a tasty summertime beverage, then count me in.  (on second glance, i see there’s a bunny up front – i suppose it could be an easter party – just ignore that baby shower rant.) 

but here’s the thing.  i didn’t feel like sewing.  so i didn’t.  i just cut and glued.  had an ikea fabric remnant laying around so i cut out a bunch of diamond shapes to make 3″ triangles , folded ’em over, glued them to some twine and i had instant ghetto party bunting.  i did edge the fabric with some fray check to keep the edges from fraying (duh, obviously.)

this is only a prototype.  well, i’ll probably still use it and keep it right where it is.   it’s still “down low” decor.  i haven’t made one long enough yet for the “up high” decor.  what i’m troubled by is its circus look.  does it look clownish and cartoony?  what is it with me and the clowns lately?


i’ll just fashion something with vintage flowery patterns and hopefully that’ll get me far far away from the ringling brothers outdoor patio design.


i went through my stash of fabrics and pulled out some upholstery weight samples to cover my recently acquired tulip chairs.  the chairs have a leftover scent of the previous owner’s perfume lingering on them and i am HIGHLY sensitive to perfumey smells and must recover these STAT.  not sure if i should use my vintage fabrics or just buy some solid fabric as a temporary solution.  in my mind i bought these vintage fabrics to make fabulous pillows to sell in my non-existent etsy store.  but i never did make any pillows.  story of my life.  grand plans in my brain.  zero follow through.

i love this photo where they’ve used a patterned fabric and mixed the tulip chair amongst some vintage danish chairs (i could do this exact look.) 


via living etc.

(you can’t exactly see the fabric in this shot – in the magazine it’s bigger and clearer and a fun lime green print.)

hang on for some boring photos:

this is a good size piece of fabric i’ve had for YEARS.  i used a small section of this as a backing to a mini quilt i made years ago and didn’t even realize how really cool this fabric is until today.  apparently this is some jack lenor larsen fabric, it says 1964 on the selvedge, campo lindo being the name of the fabric.  i guess this guy was pretty good in his time.  

i might go with the above fabric.  there’s enough for (4) chair covers and it sort of mimics the original red fabric of an original saarinen tulip chair.  sort of, i said.  


the only problem i can see is it doesn’t quite fit into that whole “whites and BRIGHTS” theme i’ve been drawn to lately.  it’s more “whites and mutes.”  “whites and blahs.”  too fall-ish maybe? 

and then there’s pink:

i have been loving all things pink lately and this might also be an option.  however, if an imaginary boyfriend were to stop by for a visit, my thoughts are he would hate it.  but i can’t trouble myself worrying about fake boyfriends.

now this fabric i really really like.  again – bought it what?  5 years ago?  there’s a ton of fabric here, enough to cover a living room chair, which, in my zero follow-through head, has never happened.  i haven’t found the perfect chair to cover with this fabric. 

but do i risk covering these (4) tulip chairs only to find the perfect thrifted chair to reupholster as soon as i cut the fabric???  this is guaranteed to happen to me.   the fabric does meet the “whites and brights” criteria, though. 

there’s enough of this fabric as well, but i don’t think against the green grass this fabric gets its due:


it really is quite groovy and fun, but paired with the grass makes it look like green overkill. 

this i’ve only got enough for (2) chairs:

the thing is, i really like this fabric and had this panel hanging in my bedroom on the wall, but now that i see it photographed it sort of has a “golden girls patio furniture” vibe to it, no?

i have other vintage fabrics as well, but i’m getting bored seeing the same ol’ chair with a different piece of fabric sprawled all over it.  i’ll figure something out eventually. 

the agony of this project will be in the staple removal.  the previous owner covered these chairs herself with the red fabric and used one million staples per chair.  no lie.  she went around the bottom of the seat cushion 3 times, 3 TIMES, 1, 2, THREE TIMES!!! with the staple gun!!!  twice is unnecessary.  i just don’t understand that third time around.  and each staple is very very close to the other.  talk about over-securing the fabric.  on all 4 chairs!!!  that is a LOT of time to spend recovering a seat cushion.  and it’s going to take me a LOT of time removing staples. 

time.  time i’ve got.  i suppose this project couldn’t have happened to a better person.


tequila is my friend.

picked up this book over the winter at tj maxx.  yes, i was weak and succumbed to retail store impulse-buy tactics when i spotted this book while waiting in line.  i liked the pretty pictures.

the tejito.  same as a mojito, only made with tequila instead of rum.

and did you know tequila is NOT made from a cactus?  i did not know this.  it is made from the agave plant, which is a desert succulent and belongs to the lily family, despite it having thorns like a cactus.  so folks, that is your lesson of the day, something to throw around casually at your next dinner party (unless of course everyone already knows this and i’m the only one who’s been left in the dark.)  also – this info may help you out if you’re a contestant on the game show “jeopardy” and you have a question in “potent potables.”  remember:  agave is not a cactus.

raspberry-meyer lemonade with tequila.   i have no idea what a meyer lemon is, but apparently it makes for a fine cocktail.

tequila-grapefruit soda.  man.  all of these look so good to me, especially with this warm weather we’ve been having.

due to food allergies, most of the food recipes i can’t eat, but some i can have with modifications.

this looks delicious to me.  bacon-wrapped monkfish with tequila and chives.  again – i wouldn’t know a monkfish if it slapped me in the face, but i can practically smell this.  and taste it. 

so – i used some fresh mint from my fresh herb garden extraordinaire and made a tejito for myself.

i do good work.

here’s a close-up of the recipe:

it seems all the drinks i’ve pictured contain sugar.  now, i don’t normally go for sugar in a drink.  that stuff rots your teeth.  not to mention i’m in a 2 month countdown to *50* and i don’t need the extra calories.  and no-one out there needs to remind me booze is sugar.  it’s not.  it’s booze.

i only drank one and it was darn good.  i can see how one could lead to two, but i’m strong like that.  (ok well, truth is i ran out of ice cubes.)

and btw, i can’t believe i’ve never had a potted herb garden before.  i love having herbs “at the ready”  and have pretty much exhausted my cilantro supply.  the only thing i haven’t used is the parsley.  i haven’t felt the need to garnish my evening bowl of chips.


found  (4) of these and a matching table on craigslist yesterday and had to have them.

because in my (unrealistic) mind,  i need and deserve and can and should have a dining room like this in which to eat my daily serving of brown rice and black beans and spinach:

via xjavierx

perfection.  positively gorgeous.  love the floors, the mix of styles, the wallpaper, everything. 

i’m just missing the house part. 


(btw, my tulip chairs and table are not the real deal.  not saarinen.  they’re kreueger knock-offs and they were filthy and the seat covers need to be recovered.  and the table top needs to either be repainted or stripped and stained.)  and have i mentioned i already have a dining room set that i like?   


more felt flowers

yet another post about the felt dahlia flower.

y’ever have one of those ideas that looks good in your brain but doesn’t quite translate in the execution?  i think i had one of those.  being a fan of scandinavian decor with all the whites and brights, i thought it would be fun to try that in a felt flower after having made several solid color flowers. 

some examples of scandinavian decor i love:

via bolig magazine

via hus & hem

via hus & hem

(gawd, i still want a house so bad.)


so i cut out a bunch of multi-colored pieces of felt. 

and i started assembling.

and it was done.

and i dunno.

to me, it kinda looks like a clown threw up.

maybe it’ll grow on me?

maybe it’ll look okay on the lapel of a charcoal blazer?

in a dark room?


i dunno.

i just don’t know.

now this one i like.  a mustard gold felt dahlia made out of the good wool felt.  (click here for the how-to from “not martha.”)

i think i’m going to retire from the felt dahlias for awhile.  my severance pay from my former job is winding down and i need to spend my time looking for employment.  drat.  real life sets in again.


you know the drill.

airing out a couple recently thrifted items that have that all-too familiar thrift-store smell.  a fantastically colored, seemingly unused granny square afghan and another cool retro head scarf.   

i had a decent, respectable woman nearly beg me for the vintage granny square afghan in goodwill when she saw it in my arms.  she was relentless.  obviously i didn’t give in to her pleading.  at $4, how could i?  the colors are so good.  the smell on the other hand…

thank goodness for an unusually high wind day.  perfect for smell riddance.   

and why did i buy this? 

‘cuz it was 79¢ and had a hans bolling feel to it and made me chuckle – i couldn’t resist the whole beret/pipe/casually lounging around, holding my arms around my knees scene.


i’m attempting to add a little “springtime” to the outdoor porch now that the weather has warmed up a little, although last night we actually had record low temps.  freeze warnings.  i kept my newly purchased herbs indoors overnight and thankfully didn’t kill them dead in less than a few hours. 

cilantro to add to my store-bought salsa in a jar.  mint for all kinds of summertime cocktails.  lavender to calm my nerves.  and parsley, oregano and basil just because.  i’m not really a cook, but i have used parsley for bean dips, so can foresee using that.  i’ll throw the oregano and basil into my daily rice pasta dishes cuz lord knows it could use some spicing up. 

my only concern is the wild critters that roam the ‘hood.  if i come outside and the squirrels and cats are whoopin’ it up with an afternoon fiesta, i’m gonna be mad.  or heaven forbid, using the pots “to mark their territory.”  gross.



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