back from a little roadtrip to maine to visit the fam. 

weather was spectacular for hiking.

the creativity continued to flow.  and by creativity, i mean tequila.  margaritas were consumed, white sangria was concocted, and more felt flower corsages from “not martha” were made. 

a pink felt flower dahlia:

sister dressing up her overalls in the pink version of the dahlia brooch.

and a light purplish one i’ll probably wear to a wedding this weekend.

drinking and dahlias, booze and brooches, cocktails and creativity.  my kinda day(s.)  i’m such an overachiever.


3 Comments on “maine”

  1. Viki says:

    i meandered through blogs to find yours i think via felt flowers somerwhere!!!! Too Cute…anyway…i think i need your recipe for that uber refreshing Sangria you have photographed. It looks so crisp, clean and refreshing my mouth is salivating!!! This is a good thing:) Please, please it looks like it would cool us down in AZ!! We are starting to heat up 100′ already! Thanks

  2. fries in a cone says:

    viki – i have been in AZ this time of year and i know that heat from which you speak. brutal!

    as far as the sangria goes – we winged it. there are gobs of recipes online and i think we just picked and choosed (chose) from ones we liked. we made 2 batches, one with a 750 ml bottle of pinot grigio and one w/a sauvignon blanc. we sugared some strawberries overnight and then added: approx. 1 C. silver tequila, approx. 1 C. white grape juice, glug glugs of triple sec (there was zero measuring on the aforementioned ingredients.) a kiwi, an orange, a mango, a lemon, a lime, and some club soda for fizz.

    some people need a sweeter drink and add more sugar (or make a simple syrup from 1 part sugar to 1 part water, heated to dissolve sugar, then cooled.)

    i say experiment, go for it and have fun!!!!

  3. Viki says:

    this sounds really great…never thought to put tequila in Sangria…can’t wait to experiment. Thank you for sharing:)

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