i’m attempting to add a little “springtime” to the outdoor porch now that the weather has warmed up a little, although last night we actually had record low temps.  freeze warnings.  i kept my newly purchased herbs indoors overnight and thankfully didn’t kill them dead in less than a few hours. 

cilantro to add to my store-bought salsa in a jar.  mint for all kinds of summertime cocktails.  lavender to calm my nerves.  and parsley, oregano and basil just because.  i’m not really a cook, but i have used parsley for bean dips, so can foresee using that.  i’ll throw the oregano and basil into my daily rice pasta dishes cuz lord knows it could use some spicing up. 

my only concern is the wild critters that roam the ‘hood.  if i come outside and the squirrels and cats are whoopin’ it up with an afternoon fiesta, i’m gonna be mad.  or heaven forbid, using the pots “to mark their territory.”  gross.


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