you know the drill.

airing out a couple recently thrifted items that have that all-too familiar thrift-store smell.  a fantastically colored, seemingly unused granny square afghan and another cool retro head scarf.   

i had a decent, respectable woman nearly beg me for the vintage granny square afghan in goodwill when she saw it in my arms.  she was relentless.  obviously i didn’t give in to her pleading.  at $4, how could i?  the colors are so good.  the smell on the other hand…

thank goodness for an unusually high wind day.  perfect for smell riddance.   

and why did i buy this? 

‘cuz it was 79¢ and had a hans bolling feel to it and made me chuckle – i couldn’t resist the whole beret/pipe/casually lounging around, holding my arms around my knees scene.


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